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Please allow 2 weeks for production. 


Now the Scribble Feelings come in a hand-sized deck of cards! The cards measuring 3"x3" with each individual feeling featured in the center of their own card. The feeling word is written in both English and gender-neutral Spanish. For example, "enojadx" instead of "enojado" or "enojada." This deck includes a total of 25 individual feelings cards plus 4 blank cards to add your own!


Purchase of the playing cards also comes with a free PDF (2.2 MB, 29 pages) which includes:

-A digital version of the Scribble Feelings Chart to use during screenshare moments.

-Prompts/activity pages that can be printed at home.

-Scribble Feelings BINGO boards with a blank one to create your own.

-And discussion questions about feelings.


The PDF is currently written in both English and Spanish. The PDF or FREE coupon code will be emailed and available for download. Please allow 24 hours for the PDF or code to be emailed to you. Free PDF content is intended for personal use and not for resale or reproduction.

Scribble Feelings Cards + FREE PDF

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • The cards are water-proof and made out of quality materials. Cards come in a protective sleeve.

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