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This is a modified version of the classic Lotería game which has 54 cards. For Lotería JR, 5 cards have been completely removed and most of the cards have been redesigned. Lotería JR has a total of 50 cards, the following cards were removed altogether: El Diablito, El Negrito, El Apache, El Borracho, and La Muerte. One new card was added which is: La Abuelita.


The Lotería card Downloadable PDF (18.6 MB, 29 pages)  includes:

-A digital version of 10 Lotería Tablas to print or download and use on either a smartphone or tablet device. 

-A digital version of the Lotería cards to print at home.

-Back cover design that can be printed on the backside of the Lotería tablas as well as the Lotería cards.

-Instructions for playing Lotería.

-Reflection questions to use in journal entries and/or discussions with others.


The PDF is currently written in both English and Spanish. PDF content is intended for personal use and not for resale or reproduction.

Lotería JR

IVA excluido
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