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C   O   N   S   U   L   T   A   T   I   O   N

Creating Powerful Discussions

Play Therapy is a child's first language. As providers, it takes us time to reacquaint ourselves with the language of play. Consultation is a safe space and a great resource in our ongoing professional development as clinicians. Consultation is a collaborative process that helps recognize areas of support needed and ideas to help our clients move forward in the therapeutic process.

  • One Time Consult

    Every week
    Perfect for Beginners
    • 30 minute session via phone or zoom
    • One on One consult
    • **please note: it says weekly, but it is a one time payment.
  • Ongoing Consultation

    Every week
    Perfect for those developing Play Therapy skills
    • 50 minute session via phone or zoom
    • One on One consultation, option for meeting in person
    • Regular consultation appointment
    • Can meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly
    • Can provide consultation specific to play interventions
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